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Is tanning cultural appropriation?

As a girl living in the UK, this is a topic I was itching to address, since it’s true that we use a disproportionate amount of fake tan in this country. My Spanish and French housemates have noticed too: “Why are girls so orange here?” I’d be quite intrigued to get to the bottom of this national obsession (I suspect TOWIE has something to do with it), but that’s a question for another time.
Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as another case of political correctness gone mad, spoiler: it’s not just about fake tan. The short answer is no, for a lot of people tanning is just a means for them to look their best i.e. trying to evoke that sun-kissed, carefree, healthy summer look. One girl tanning her legs so they don’t look like marshmallows isn’t the problem, the problem seems to be the trend of looking racially ambiguous and the subsequent rise of those capitalising on it via social media. Instagram is full of them: “slim thicc” girls with plumped lips, halos of gravity-free cur…

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